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music for childrenmusic for children    music for childrenmusic for children
"This is a thoroughly delicious recording! Robin and Micheal Goodrow have produced one of the finest and most original recordings for children! The music is upbeat, professional and exciting. The lyrics speak to children about themselves and others, always with respect and love."
—LAURIE SALE - Author - Growing Up With Music: A Guide To The Best Recorded Music For Children
music for children music for children
music for children music for childrenmusic for children
"Amazing is an appropriately titled recording by Robin and Micheal Goodrow. The musical arrangements are very sophisticated and parents are going to love this recording. My cousin's kids will have to wrestle this one away from me, and I'm bigger than they are!
—REGINA KELLAND, The Music Independent
music for children music for children
 "A superior album for children."
music for children music for children
"I can't tell you how thrilled my daughter was when your tape arrived. She immediately hugged me, tore the wrapper off the cassette and put it on. She laughed and giggled and danced around the room. I am very impressed with the quality of the music and the thoughtful lyrics. I have never gone to such lengths to find a particular item that my daughter wanted until now, because after months of not hearing your tape and not being able to find it anywhere, my daughter still talked about it and was still always searching for it in any store we went into."
—LESLIE MOLLEUR, Parent from New Mexico
fun and imaginative
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recommended for kids

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